Tape measure Being fearless doesn't mean you have no fears, it means you're strong enough to face them
Dame Kelly Holmes


"Jenny has been a successful international badminton player who during her career would have worked extremely hard to be focused and committed in her pursuit of excellence.

It is underestimated the physiological pressures that are aligned to high performers and Jenny’s journey is unfortunately one of many. What is amazing, having suffered from mental health issues myself, is that Jenny is prepared to speak out about her bulimia and the lack of support, which in turn will definitely help others face up to their own problems and for those who are in the position to help with in the future.

I wish Jenny success with her charity as she has been an amazing advocate for mine, the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust and has proved to be inspirational which I am sure she will continue to do with this mission."

Dame Kelly Holmes
Double Olympic Champion Chair and Founder of the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust